Program and Equipment Specifications:


Quickfix is a 32 bit program written from scratch using Microsoft languages and is designed to run on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Microsoft seven.  The multi-user version can be ran on a peer to peer or server based system. 

Additionally you can run multiple locations using either a dedicated telephone line or over the internet.

Database (all relational)

AbbottSoft has the capability, talent and resources to have created our own database for this program.  This is not a modified D-Base, FoxPro or Access-Excel programs.  We alone designed the database.  The program does not slow down in normal day to day operation and the file structures have been designed to move you onto the internet when and if you want.  The files are mostly ASCII files which are the standard for exporting or importing data between various programs. including Microsoft Excel.

  1. Client database stores contact information about your clients.
  2. Client A/R database stores information about your clients account and activity
  3. Parts inventory database stores information about your inventory.
  4. Work Order database stores your existing and closed work orders.
  5. Sales tax and income database


In order to run this program as it is designed to be used you will need the following equipment. (Optional equipment is designated with a *)  Also realize the specifications are the MINIMUM and you should try and exceed them.  These specifications also do not consider other programs you may want to use.

  1. IBM or fully compatible Pentium II 500 mz. with 128 megs memory, 100 megs of hard drive space, high definition video capable of 600x800 hi color. or higher.
  2. Printers:  You have two choices.  You can create printouts using either (InkJet/laser) or Dot Matrix printers.  If you want to use Dot Matrix printers then Work Orders require a Dot Matrix capable of Epson command codes.  Receipts require a serial receipt printer also capable of Epson command codes.  If you want a automatic cash drawer it must be operated by the printer, not the program.  You may also want a ink jet or laser printer for reports or use with other programs.  The program let's you define the printer and in the case of ink-jet/laser printers.  It allows you to chose the font, font size and number of copies for Work Orders, Invoices and Statements.
  3. * Bar-Code readers.  QuickFix will support a bar-code reader if you wish to use one.  It must be a newer style keyboard wedge type and we strongly suggest a laser for accuracy.
  4. * Touch Screen.  Must be capable of 800x600 high color or higher.   800x600 will fill the whole screen while higher will form a window.
  5. * Pole display. Not needed (old technology)

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