Join AbbottSoft

If you qualify yourself as a professional in system integration, software support or development.  If you have a business which sells hardware and software then We Need You!

Do you want to sell our software?

Would you like to create supporting software for our products?

Tomorrow is just a day away!

Here's the Deal (plain and simple)

We need sales and service representation and we need it all over the country. We are making you an offer to associate yourself with AbbottSoft as a professional.

We do not expect you to dedicate all your efforts towards our business. In fact we only ask that you act professionally when we refer leads we have generated and given to you for a follow up and we expect you to service your customers if they have a problem and ask for local assistance.

We expect you to advertise your association with us as an AbbottSoft professional on your business cards and other appropriate materials.

You will not be an employee of Abbott Software or any of it's subsidiaries.

You are fully responsible for your own business dealings and maintain complete control and authority. You are however expected to conduct your self and your business in a legal and professional manner. You accept all liability for your products and actions and agree to defend Abbott Software, It's officers, owners, stockholders and employees from any litigation.

Likewise Abbott Software it's officers, employees, stockholders and other interested parties have no authority, ownership or investment in your company or actions other than as indicated here. We also agree to accept responsibility for our own products and actions. We will not obligate you for liabilities resulting from our products and actions.

We expect you to understand and promote our products over similar competing products and do your best to sell our products when you have the opportunity.

We expect you to perform both professionally and ethically and stand up as a good citizen in your community.

We expect you to charge a fair price for your services and products and then stand behind them.

Software pricing:

Minimum initial order is two license. (Includes dealer promotion license)

Number of license:  1 = 15% discount, 2 = 35%, discount, 3 = 45% discount,  4 = 50% discount.

A copy of your states re-seller tax license is required to be on-file before any software is shipped.

If for any reason either party wishes to cancel this agreement they can do so with ten days written or e-mail notice without future obligations.

Telephone (828) 246-7201

Or just click on > hwabbott@gmail.com 

 Thank You



There are a number of ways you can use your training and talent to add income by partnering with AbbottSoft.

We invite you to write your own software which will compliment and interface with our offerings.  The software you create can be of your choosing.  

If you see a need for something like an accounting module, or special features which will satisfy a vertical market then let us know.  We will support you with inside information about our database and even provide you with code samples.  

Once you have your modules developed we will be glad to test and certify your work and even help you market it to our customers.

Go ahead.  Call and give us the opportunity to show you how serious we are.  

Telephone (828) 246-7201

Or just click on > hwabbott@gmail.com 

 Thank You

Harold Abbott