Daily income report showing all invoices, payments and customers

Cash drawer reconciliation with bank deposit summary

Both Cash and Accrual method of reporting

Sales tax obligations by day and month

Monthly & Yearly income reporting both Cash and Accrual

Aging reports

Sales reports

Inventory reports

Customer reports and mailing capabilities

Data in standard format for exporting into other programs such as Lotus 123

Stealth audit warnings on daily report and statements



Set passwords and access availability

Set tax levels

Set late charges 30-60-90 days late


Versions available for single user, multi-user and multi-store locations

Peer to Peer or server based networks, Windows 98 - NT/2000


Automatic posting to customer A/R folder when closing invoice

Posting of payments to account from front counter or back office

Automatic aging of accounts with late fees if desired

Aging report on demand - anytime

Statements can be generated single, all accounts or only with balance due

Early printing of statements if needed

Itemized and aged or not aged statements

Payments credited to oldest bills first - automatically

Assign credit limits to each customer as desired

Assign late fees 30-60-90 as desired

Late fees attached to current balance

Running balance on statement with balance. forward

Stealth audit program protects accounts

Ability to abort batch printing of statements

Password protections available