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I want to run more than one computer.
I want to run more than one store.
I want to find out about thin clients.
I want to use Microsoft Windows
I want to create and track rental contracts
I want to create and trace rental reservations.
I want to automate my monthly billing.
I want to know where my rental equipment is.
I want to track metered items.
I want to both sell and rent inventory.
I want to use a bar-code reader.
I want a security snapshot of the client renting.
I want in-house e-mail so we can communicate.
I want to track my clients.

I want to set credit limits, tax and purchase order requirements.
I want to get my monthly billing under control.
I want to tax different items at a different rate or not
I want to attach rental items into a bundle.
I want to know who the bad guys are.
I want to find rental rates quickly and if needed,
make a rental reservation quickly.
I may want to connect to the internet.
I want to set the deposit requirements for each rental item 

If you wish to pay with a credit card now please provide the name, exp date, card number below. We will verify your payment by e-mail within twelve hours.  Or if you feel more secure call us at (828) - 926-2892


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