Multi - User

$895.00 Includes Manual and thirty days of support - Front and back office

$2795.95 Includes 2 IBM computers, monitors, keyboard and mouse with software installed and delivered to your door with 30 days support

If a computer can make your job easier - QuickFix will.  You can save and recover information about your business at the click of a button.   If you use this program as designed you will be amazed in a few short weeks just how you got along without it!

On the network version you work with a minimum of two computers. One at the front counter to create and track work orders and to close work orders and roll them to invoices. Your back office computer is where you run your various income reports, control customer information and their account receivables.  

Your back office computer becomes your server.  All of your data is stored here.   Your front counter computer will access and share the information stored on the back office computer.  

You can add as many front counter modules as you need and you can even connect stores at different locations together.  Contact us for information and pricing.